dimanche 20 novembre 2011

I'm living, I'm expanding

The feeling I was refering to in the end one of my previous posts could be illustrated (but once more, it points much more towards an inner sensation than towards a picture) by the image of a balloon expanding inside an other, and bigger balloon.

This sensation of pushing a " coat " (as in " cell coat") that would be rather elastic is obviously associated with the in utero part of our life. It has been described in terms of " need of existence" by my friend Semillade here.

If we follow Semillade, the very basement of our humanity is intellectual life, itself founded by a biological structure (conform to some morphologial rules in order to avoid lethal etc.) and, here is the point, culture. And the point is that access to self-conscience would be conditionned by some kind of " permissive " mecanism coming from other individuals you are surrounded with during your education.

Thus the inner balloon ( what you consider as being your self ), may expand, pulled from the outside by the depression of the dark night that lies between this and the inner side of your cranial box, and inflated from the inside by the increasing amount of information your social begin is able to cross during its education.

In fact, education never ceases. Interaction, as exercise of intersubjectivity, is litterally, what keeps you alive. Without neglecting the importance of biological substrat as a condition to support life (and how to make such a mistake), Semillade joins Jean-Paul Sartre, Merleau-Ponty and other philosophers in thinking that I exist only in, through, via others.
I know I can speak thanks to their replies, I know I exist only in their mirroring my self.

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